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Welcome to the Boxer Lab

We investigate the structure and function of biological systems using many tools and methods and with a strong physical perspective.  We invent experimental methods and develop theory as needed, and use a wide range of chemical and recombinant DNA methods to modify proteins and monitor or modulate their function.  Several interconnected themes are being pursued and current focus areas can be found in the research tab. Links to further detailed descriptions of individual projects and relevant references can be found below. 

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sboxer[at] ~ Steve

dfrank[at]​ ~ Debra

Phone Numbers:

(650) 723-4482 ~ Steve

(650) 725-0261 ~ Debra

(650) 723-0386 ~ Lab​

Mailing Address:

Dept. of Chemistry, MC 5080

Stanford University

Stanford, California 94305-5012

Our Research

Electrostatics in Enzyme Catalysis

Photosynthetic Reaction Centers

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Green Fluorescent Protein

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